Issue with playback

I don’t have a interface I’m just trying to get the beats out of my mpc to audacity and when I record then they sound off timing/Mickey moused a bit. How do I fix that. I tried this last week and it work I dunno why it’s not now. Thanks and cheers.

If you bought the $1.99 versions of iTunes songs, you should be able to just drag them out if iTunes and open them in Audacity. If you got the $.99 versions of the songs, then they have FairPlay® copy protection on them and they will not copy. The traditional way of getting those songs out of iTunes is create a playlist, drag the files to the playlist and burn a Music CD. Music CDs (as a rule) do not carry copy protection.

If you’re trying to capture internet songs, you can’t do that with a plain Mac. Many of us add SoundFlower software and use that.