Issue with not clear voice

Hi Guys,

i am newbie and i am trying to achieve best quality from poor quality recording in mp3.

I tried with noise reduction and if you listen to sample you can hear that there is not background noise in 12 to 14 sec.
But still voice is not pure…Can you help?

How can i improve this?

The recording is trash. You need to start with a better quality recording.

poor quality recording in mp3.

That’s two problems. The original recording is bad and MP3 can have distortion of its own. If you make a new MP3 from an original MP3, the distortion will get even worse.

Do corrections and post production in WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit, and original recording, too, if you can.



thank you, yes, record is trash.

i have only m4a yet…
I do not know it is possible to fix this?


The recording quality is too bad to recover a good recording.
What is the recording? Can you record it again?