issue with new dell laptop with Windows 8 and usb turntable

Hi - a few months back I purchased a Crosley CR6015B USB turntable. After some messing around, I was able to get it working with Audacity 2.02 on my 5 year old Dell XPS computer using Vista. That computer went south and I have now purchased a Dell Inspiron 15z laptop with Windows 8. I loaded up Audacity and updated to 2.03. The problem is that, although the laptop seems to recognize the turntable when I plug it in (I hear a tone when I insert the USB plug), neither the Win8 Device manager nor the Audacity device bar list it as a USB Audio Codec. Instead it shows up as a “Microphone Array USB Audio Controller” (I am pretty sure this is the turntable as it disappears from the list when I unplug the USB. The turntable works fine, the internal turntable speaker plays music and I can plug in my external computer speakers and hear music. I just cannot get the turntable to play through the computer/Audacity (so, sadly, I cannot convert my vinyl).

I am not much of a techie and may be missing something basic. I did try to connect back to the old laptop and seemed to have a similar problem though it was really hard to tell since the video is what is shot and the screen kept going black on me.

I appreciate any thoughts about next steps.

Is the turntable recording tall blue waves in Audacity as it used to?

If yes, then it sounds like all you need to do is enable Transport > Software Playthrough (on/off) in Audacity which will let you hear while you are recording in Audacity.

If you want to hear the turntable without recording, click in the Audacity recording meter to enable monitoring, as well as enabling software playthrough.

If you don’t want to use Audacity to listen to the turntable without recording, right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock > Recording Devices. Right-click over the USB array (or whatever it is called) > Properties. Then click the “Listen” tab where you can set the turntable to play through a computer output device.