Issue with "Export Multiple" Function

Hi there!

I’m using Windows 7 Home Edition and Audacity 2.1.1

I am in the process of transferring my vinyl records to digital and I’m using Audacity to split up my wave file into individual wav tracks.

The problem is that Audacity is adding long silences to these individual tracks.

For example, my first track should only be 4 mins long, but it ended up being 22 mins long with 18 minutes of silence at the end.

The strange thing is that this happens for the first 6 tracks, but then renders tracks 7 to 14 without problems.

Could anyone advice me? What could I be doing wrong?

Thanks so much!


I assume you have multiple Audacity tracks on top of each other that don’t all start at time zero but are using labels to set the file names for export multiple instead of the track names.

If so the added silence is an Audacity bug. To export multiple by labels you can Edit > Select > All then Tracks > Mix and Render to render the audio to one track.

If you really need multiple tracks and labels, generate a short amount of silence at the start of each track that is offset from time zero.

If that did not help, could you View > Fit in Window and View > Fit Vertically then post a screenshot of your layout. Please see here for how to attach files: