Issue with "Effect > Apple:AUMatrixReverb


I have a makbook mac os x , with audacity 2.0.3
But I had the pbme above on a previous version.

when I set the
effect > Apple:AUMatrixReverb > Factory Preset =
Small Room or
Medium Room or
Large Room ,
and so on

… nothing append …

I remember that this functionnality was OK …
Is there an other possibility to have reverb ?

thank you for your help

Probably you have a mono track. AU Matrix Reverb does not work with mono tracks. See here for a workaround: .

Audacity 2.0.3 should have included GVerb, but it was omitted. If you want to try GVerb, you can get the zip or the DMG of 2.0.4 alpha as of 28 January 2012 here: . This build includes GVerb and is essentially the same as 2.0.3 release.