Issue when open an audio/video file while another is played

I use Ubuntu Studio 18.04.2 LTS, 64 bit Linux, and Audacity 2.3.1.

The issue is when I open an audio/video file with Audacity and, at the same time, another app is playing some audio/video file: The played file sounds like a monkey chattering for a moment, with some cuts and pops, while Audacity is opening the other file.

I have an audible sample of this, but I don’t know how to upload it here. Sorry!

What is wrong here? How can I avoid this? Can I fix it? How?


:confused: I thought that Ubuntu Studio 18.04 shipped with Audacity 2.2.1-1
Did you build Audacity from the source code, or are you using an unofficial PPA?

Does it matter which other app?

Is Jack Audio System running? Are either Audacity or the other app using Jack?

Why are you playing another audio app at the same time? What are you trying to accomplish?

Do you mean “the file playing in the other app” sounds like a monkey chattering?

Do you mean that the problem occurs only while Audacity is importing a large file, and then the other player plays correctly once Audacity has fully imported the file?

I downloaded Audacity from: repository.

I mean, when Audacity is opening a file… The audio in the other app is distorted (like a brief monkey chattering sound).

I have to use another app because the other app is streaming audio to Internet.

I don’t use JACK, because I don’t know how to use it.

Is that very surprising? During import, Audacity is copying the audio data from the file and writing it to its project directory. While the hard drive is under load, reading and writing for Audacity, it is less available to other applications.

With the last Audacity version (2.3.2), it seems this issue was fixed (or it is less, almost not, noticeable).