Issue making podcast

I read that you could use this software to make podcasts and I tried to use music but it kept giving me error messages and shutting down after 4 or 5 songs. I wanted to be able to make 80 minute podcasts and then post them on a media site like YouTube (or something else…any suggestions?). I know I will have to shrink it down in file size but I can’t even seem to get the podcast completed. Anyone out there that can help?

Describe the show. Where is the music? Get technical. Where is the microphone and what kind is it?

People doing audio (or video) production for the first time are usually shocked at how slow their machine is and how much disk space they need.

I’ll stay with the idea that you can make any kind of show you want and make it as complex as you feel like. What you do with that show is up to you. I’ve used Audacity to make performances that have ended up on radio stations. If you’re just starting out, a modest podcast on a server somewhere is probably good.

Past all the technical problems (and there are quite a few), you did get permissions to all the music, right? Downloading music from iTunes or YouTube and folding it into a podcast can lead to awkward phone calls from the owners of the music. There is the additional problem that downloaded music is already compressed and slightly damaged for internet use, and if you fold it into a radio show, you’ll need to compress it again and you can get significant musical damage by doing that.