Issue in removing clicks


I am a new user of Audacity. I have digitized an interview i made 30 years ago in a C cassette and there are very load clicks and pops
on the original tape because of some sort of malfunction in the original tape recorder i used.

My problem is that i haven’t found any way to get rid of those clicks and pops. The recording is 29 minutes long, so doing it manually would
be insane (the issues are so distinguishable that it could be easily done, but it would take an eternity). The click removal of Audacity doesn’t help at all.

This is how the file looks like:

All the spikes are the clicks and pops. They are really different than the real audio, but i cannot find any way to remove them automatically.
I could use amplify to get those parts of the audio to be clipped, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to just delete the clipping parts.

I am using the newest version of Audacity (2.1.3) with Win7 Professional.


Actually, I’d be much more interested in hearing it. We can derive the pictures from that. Since it’s stereo, select 10 seconds of work with noises in it and export WAV (Microsoft).

Upload to the forum. Scroll down from a text entry window > Upload Attachment.

You can export much longer segments if you use the posting service.

Does it sound like that with the noises in those exact places when you play the tape without the computer? That’s important. There is a common capture/transfer problem that causes clicking and popping, but the noise is not in the original work.