Issue Exporting and Saving Project

I’m using Audacity to record student responses for test that requires an audio response. While in the middle of the testing, suddenly the software stopped functioning as intended. Students were unable to record and I can see their response up to the point, but I’m unable to save project, export or even play it back. Is there any way I can recover the student responses? I’m afraid to quit the application before I try everything. The software is still functioning (A number of features allow me to use including New Open, Selection Save/Restore, Align Tracks). I am using Audacity 1.2.6 and I realize now that it’s out of date and the previous forum is closed. Any solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

That sounds a lot like your computer ran out of drive space. If you can round up a thumbdrive/USB Drive or an external hard drive, you might be able to eave or export the work to that.

If save selection is still running, you can drag-select the first part of the show and export that, and then drag select the second part and export that.

Yes, Audacity 1.2 had some serious problems. Can you tell how much drivespace you have? You can also get into serious trouble if you put dates or punctuation marks in your filenames. Upper and lower case letters, numbers, dash and underscore are the the only unconditionally safe characters to use in filenames.


Well there is plenty of drive space and it says it has hours left. It had sometime to do with this USB Logitech headset I was using. Students recorded their response and then hit pause at the break. When they went to continue recording, it went into this mode where nothing seems to work. Unfortunately, I can’t copy and paste the track even though I can see the entire track. Looks like I’m stuck. Wish I had kept aware of the latest update. It worked in the past, but apparently bugged out using the USB headsets (but only on a few computers).

Why do you say that? Was the headset unplugged?

No it wasn’t unplugged, but it was a USB powered headset as opposed to plugged into the jacks. The issue happened on three computers where this same headset was plugged in where all computers that used the traditional mic and headphone jack had no issues. This is just a guess of course. I just wish there was a way to view the recording outside of the program.

I don’t thing that we can help. If you had been using Audacity 2.0 then even if it froze there would be a very good chance of automatic recovery the next time that Audacity was opened. There is an article here about crash recovery, much of which relates to Audacity 1.2.x

Is there a reason that you can’t use Audacity 2?

And I assume pressing Stop does not help? Does File > Exit bring up the choice to save the project?

If you have never saved this as a project, I would force quit Audacity in Windows Task Manager, don’t restart Audacity then follow the procedures in Steve’s Crash Recovery link to recover from Audacity’s temporary directory.

If you saved a project already, copy and paste the .aup file and _data folder for the project into a new folder, then force quit. If the .aup file doesn’t produce much audio when you restart, try the Crash Recovery process on the project _data folder.