Issue exporting ac3 file that adds 5 miliseconds

Hi people
I’m using Audacity 2.0.6 with the plugin FFmpeg 2.2.2 Binary for Windows (avformat-55.dll)
I have the following issue:
When i export an ac3 file and import again, i notice a difference of 5 or 6 miliseconds more.
Yes… i know that the difference is imperceptible but it hurts at sight
Let me explains with images:
At simple view, is hard find the difference
but when i make a zoom, the difference is too obvious
Are there any fix?
Best regards

Production in MP3 has serious problems and this is one of them. It’s nearly impossible to do precise timing. MP3 is part of a video format and has some baggage from that association.


I didn’t know this was an issue with AC3, but like MP3 AC3 is lossy compression. That means when you compress then decompress you don’t get the original data back.

Use WAV or FLAC. If the audio is for a movie it may support WAV.