Isolating voice from background music

Hi Guys

I’m using Audacity 2.2.1 on a 2017 MBP running High Sierra version 10.13.2 and I am a novice, and I mean sub-novice user.

I just want to know how to isolate, as best as possible, conversational voices from background noise such as music etc? Or is it even possible with Audacity? Or do I have to buy some stupidly expensive software that I will only use a handful of times?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Is it stereo? Two blue waves and are they different? During the performance, do the two bouncing sound meters do different things? If you fail either of those, that’s full stop.

If it is a stereo performance then you can try Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation.

As a fuzzy rule, if you can’t understand what they’re saying just by playing the work, you’re dead.

Noise Reduction is going to be no help here. That only works on constant noise, not crowd noises or music.

Is this your wife or husband’s voice?
We don’t do law enforcement or legal issues.


Many thanks for this Koz.

I didn’t think it would be an easy thing to achieve. I will try various things including what you suggest above.

I did smile though - I promise you there is nothing law enforcement or legal about this. I have a conversation, quite hilarious actually that occurred during a recent get together. We all knew it was being recorded but quickly forgot that the device was recording and the conversation flowed. I just wanted to fade back the music a bit and give more prominence to the voices. And then if the result was good, send copies to all involved. I know now that this will not be an easy thing to achieve.

Once again, many thanks for your help Koz

The tools work by stereo location. If you only have one soundwave or you have two but they’re the same, that’s the end of the story.