Isolating speech from movie

I am new to Audacity, and I was wondering if there’s any way to remove all background music or at least significantly lower its volume so that the vocals are clear and much more audible. I am working on a fan-made video where I would really love the speech, but the background music is really messing with the process. Help? I am running 2.0.3 on a Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.

Probably not, but see here in the manual:

The simplest way is to make it mono (under tracks).
Here’s the result from my central isolation tool:

There are more professional tools available of course.

Where can I find that tool? How do I do that? I tried the walkthroughs on the forums that Steve referred, but it didn’t do much. And is there a walkthrough for the tool you used?

To make the track mono, select “Tracks menu > Stereo Track to Mono”.
The “central isolation tool” that Robert is referring to is an experimental plug-in that he is currently working on. There is a similar plug-in called kn0ck0ut that is available here: and one called VoiceTrap

Instructions for installing VST plug-ins are here:

See also this article in the Audacity manual:

My tool is currently under development. It should be available during the next week.
However, as I’ve mentioned, just making the audio mono gives a fairly good result.
I’ve recorded the video stream directly within Audacity. Make sure that the Audio is recorded (or downloaded) in stereo.
Normalize or amplify the track. Then you’re ready to make it mono.
Tracks > Stereo Trackss to Mono.
Even better and much more fun would be to record all dialogs anew with some friends…