isolating sounds to extract conversation

Please someone help me! I’m am not good with this and obviously i do not understand the characteristics of sound and frequencies. I have a recording from a call i received and it was a long message on my vmail. and I’ve gotten SEVERAL of these and its annoying so i wanna figure it out!

  1. its in a car
  2. the radio is on fairly loud
  3. theres people talking or ummmm making noises :open_mouth:
  4. theres static type noise but in trying to equalize it that seems to be turning into a voice actually…

so my need is the obvious one_
********* i need to cut out the radio completely and dial in all the voices as clear as possible to figure out what is going on.**********
I have been going crazy trying to get this to work and am starting to think I’m manipulating the sounds so much that I’m actually creating the conversation. LoL. C’mon Soundwave Wizards I know your out there… Please help me out of this overwhelming cave of sounds and echoes of which i had no idea was so immense… i just wanna be back in the land of monotone but not without my solution… Even if i need to send it to you…
Using version 2.1.0 on El Capitan

We can’t take a performance apart into individual instruments or voices. We can’t isolate anything, particularly in a car environment where there’s no simple stereo to work with.

Last year on April First I posted a “fake” sound filter that claimed to be able to do that: change a very messy field recording into a clean voice recording.

I know of no way to do that in real life.

If it’s a voice, sometimes you can help a little bit with Effect > Equalization: telephone filter.


ohnoooooooooooo… thank you for your response, i just want to figure out who it is harassing m so i can cease it.
is it possible remove the overpowering loud radio sound as being a different frequency or something like that. and up the volume of the low sounds? to get something somewhat audible… i can get it to kind a partial convo… but thats just from dragging stuff around and not having any idea what i did… just lucky :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

If it’s in your voicemail, why is it competing with your car noises? Play it at home where it’s nice and quiet and if you need to, record it with your laptop built-in microphone and Audacity. We’re not recording Katy Perry, here. Maybe we don’t understand how you got your sound track.


I’m sorry let me clarify…
It’s a message left inadvertently by someone who has been endlessly harassing me and freaking me out! was on my voicemail now its in my mac!
I get calls often from an “unknown” number and they seldom say anything and then its just weird. And my list of Psychotic exes, though short, does exist. so didn’t answer on a particular occasion and they evidently didn’t hang up the phone. they were in their car obviously from the sound of the radio(its sparatic) and it seems as though people are talking behind it if not a little more. My thought is if i could get it cleaned up enough then i would find out who it is and i can stop them by letting them know i am aware of their garbage(with proof) and to stop it … I just want to stop being constantly tormented and figure this is my best option.

If anything that’s actually worse with echo cancellation and transmission errors on top of everything else. So, still no. The “telephone filter” probably isn’t going to do any good, either because it’s already been through a phone.

i can stop them by letting them know i am aware of their garbage(with proof) and to stop it

And why would someone going through all that effort pay any attention to you? If anything, you just proved they’re being effective.

I’m even more of the opinion that users should be able to manage their voicemail. Like turn it off if needed.