Isolating sound

Is there a way to isolate the audio output to one ear or the other?

If the selection is mono, use the “L-R” slider at the bottom of the box to the left of the audio track. If it’s stereo, click on the name of the track, and on the pop-up menu, select “Mono”, then use the “L-R” slider. When you save the project, it gets saved like that, so I’d guess that if you exported from that setting, you’d get what you want, but I didn’t try that.

And it looks to me that doing the above and then saving it might not completely put it all out to one ear or the other, in which case you might have to move the slider back & forth while playing until you see the output meter show all sound out one channel only, then save that. I did that on the saved project, and it seemed to work.