Isolating Frequencies

I have a thought for a long time about this,maybe this will help a lot of people if this is possible. If I got two similar audios and I invert phase them,I got left with one result. Is there any way to just be left with the isolated frequencies? I mean,If I have two songs that uses the exact same instrumental and I invert phase it,I will be left with two acapellas,Is there any way to isolate only the instrumental in this case?

If, for example, one instrument has only frequencies above 1000 Hz, and the other instrument has only frequencies below 1000 Hz, then they can be easily separated by filtering. The problem is that most instruments have a broad range of frequencies, so the frequency ranges of the two instruments overlap each other.

Yes,but I mean,Is there any way to get only the isolated frequencies,like, I invert phased one track with another that has the same exact instrumental/karaoke and I got left with two perfect acapellas, is there any way to get only the frequencies that were erased(the karaoke/instrumental) by the invert phase effect?

That sounds like “centre isolation” which is on the action drop-down menu, here …
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