Isolating Engine sounds in recording

I have computers with Win 7 and Vista on them. I have not yet installed Audacity.

I have a recording of an air traffic control frequency that includes voices, some other assorted sounds, and rhythmic engine noises (evenly spaced over time). I am wondering whether Audacity can be used to isolate these engine noises and plot them on a time graph so that I can eventually determine engine speed at the time of the recording. Any hints will be appreciated.

My next step will be to install Audacity if it might be helpful in this area.

Thanks for your help and input.


rhythmic engine noises

I’m going with no. The only tool we have that even comes close is the noise reduction tool and that only works with sound that doesn’t change – and that doesn’t isolate anything – although the newest one may.

You’re in the camp of people who want to take apart a band into individual instruments and voices. We can’t do that, either.