Isolating channels / noise reduction

I have a USB interface into which I have multiple microphones connected. Each mic’s audio is recorded as a separate channel in Audacity. When recording multiple people, I would like each person’s microphone to only record their voice but there’s always going to be a bit of person A’s voice being picked up by person B’s microphone. Can Audacity use the information in each channel to aid in noise reduction in some way? It would be nice if it could do that as it was recording but I imagine it’s going to be a post-processing thing…

The most straightforward way would be to use a Noise Gate to reduce the level of “other” voices in each track.

– Bill

That’s post production. The holy grail is push a button and everything will be OK. Noise Gates are rough to adjust so they don’t sound choppy or the main performer doesn’t drop out here and there. Each performer is going to have to be adjusted individually, so pack a lunch.

You can help during the recording by using directional microphones and make sure each performer is in the dead zone of the others. Also a carpeted room with no echoes helps a lot.

The separation between those two people in Charlie Rose’s studio is not an accident.