isolating a sound

hi, first post here so im not sure if this has been covered before.

i have been learning guitar and have finally mastered a dragonforce song but my m8 won’t beleive me and pay up (he bet me a 6pack that i couldnt learn a full song within 6months)
since the full audio sounds different, i need a way to isolate the one guitar and remove the drums/bass/rythm/keyboard…


<<<hi, first post here so im not sure if this has been covered before.>>>

Well, yes, it’s been covered before, and you probably can’t do it, either.

These are all the tools that do this kind of job. Some isolate, some remove, some do both.

Center Pan Remover (Voice Remover–Search the page for “Center Pan Remover”)

Voice Isolator (Opposite of Center Pan Remover)
Voice Trap
Extra Boy

Another option is to find (or make) a midi file for the song. It won’t sound as good as real instruments, but it will give the general idea. You can remove or isolate individual instruments from midi files very easily with any midi editor. (Can also be a useful tool for learning new songs as most midi editors will allow you to slow down the playback).