Isolate Left and Right Channels???

I want different voice messages for each of the Left and Right channels, in order to create some subliminal recordings. However, whenever I move the slider all the way to the left to isolate that channel, and the second slider all the way to the right to isolate the second channel, the playback isn’t completely separated. There is still some bleedthrough, and I can hear both the left and right channel in each ear. Does anyone know why this happens? I want totally separate sounds in each ear, with no crossover. What am I missing??? Using Audacity 1.3 Beta on a Vista Home Premium 64-bit system. Thanks for any and all responses!

This is strange. Maybe when you recorded the second track some of the audio form the first was carried across due to picking up background noise.

Try this test and post the results.

Open Audacity (new project).
From the “Generate” menu generate a tone.
Click on the track name and from the drop down menu set the track to either “Left Channel” or “Right Channel”
Listen to the recording - is there any “bleed through” to the other channel?