Isolate Coversation

I am sorry if this has been asked previously, as I have several forum posts that sound similar, but I don’t know if the situation is exactly the same. Part of the problem is that I am not an audiophile or artist. I am a lawyer. I have been provided in discovery audio from a bar. There is a conversation between two individuals. One of the individuals was using his iPhone to record the conversation. The problem is that during the first 22 seconds or so the end of Drop Kick Murphy - I’m Shipping Up to Boston is playing.

My client does not have the money to take it anywhere professional (and I don’t even know if they would be able to help) and there is likely nothing on the portion that will “make the case,” but nevertheless, I would like to know what is being said behind the music.

Is there anyway to remove the music (vocals and instrumentals) while isolating the conversation. I recognize that this is probably impossible given that I would be trying to remove vocals while leaving conversation, but I thought I would ask just to make sure.

Thanks for your help. I don’t think it is relevant to my question as the program is functioning properly but, I am using the current version of Audacity on Windows 8 and I believe I used the .exe installer.

We have no forensics tools. You join a long list of people trying to take apart a mixed performance into individual instruments and voices. No luck so far. Koz

Your Intuition is correct. A professional might be able to make some slight improvement, but the stuff you see in movies & TV is science fiction.

I would like to know what is being said behind the music.

If you can’t hear or understand what’s being said with careful listening, there’s nothing anybody can do…