isochronic tone for 10 minutes 20hz , 30 hz etc... no split

Hello everyone

I would like to make an isochronic tone for 10 minutes, and I want this tone to be for example:

0 to 3 = 20 hz
3 to 6 = 30 hz
6 to 10 = 40 hz

I want to do without split, is it possible ?

There’s a Nyquist plug-in available here:
Instructions for installing Nyquist plug-ins on Windows:

thanks steve i use this plugin and it is amazing i will try to explain
but I want to keep the isochronic tone
For some time , it’s possible ?

im = initial modulation


  1. Generate a 5 minute tone.
  2. Select the first 1 minute (See:
  3. Apply the Isochronic modulator effect
  4. Select the next 2 minues
  5. Apply the Isochronic modulator effect
  6. Select the final 3 minutes
  7. Apply the Isochronic modulator effect.

Ok … Steve … your suport is amazing

you help me a lot …

thank you so muchy