iso help: playback turned to mono

hi !
all of a sudden the playback of my recordings turned into mono rather than stereo :frowning:
it’s not the headphones nor the computer, so it must be audacity
Does anyone know how to solve this?
i tried closing the app and reopening, and also restarting the computer
using win 10, Audacity 2.3.3

Download and play this link.

It’s a stereo test sound file. What happens?


This is the MP3 version of that test. This one fits on the forum directly.


many thanks Koz
the test was good, stereo was working
i played with the definitions a bit, i think simply the Panning got off somehow, thankfully
was worried until i discovered that
kind of new to this so i didnt even know of the panning thing until now,
thanks for your help though!