Is tthere any way to use three headphone to record our voicd

In need to record voice can i use three headphone at a time to record three voices because i need it urgently for my project can you give me some advice.

Headphones are for listening, microphones are for recording.

Assuming that you mean “headsets” (combined headphones and mic), you would need to use analog (NOT USB) headsets and either a multi-channel sound card (such as an M-Audio Delta 1010LT) or a mixer. Note that computer headsets will not work with either of these - you would need headsets with proper XLR audio connections:

Probably a lot easier (and much less expensive) for the three of you to huddle around one microphone.

Alternatively you could try using a DAW application that supports ASIO, such as Reaper, but that is not our product so you would need to use their forum for support.