Is "Tracks > Resample" irreversible? Hours of work lost :(

Hello everyone!

I am a new user, running 1.3.7, just starting to learn Audacity.
I have around two hours of music that were recorded and given to me to optimize and divide into separate song files.

I am nearly done, but Audacity has started running really slow - no doubt due to the thirty or so tracks I have created so far (a song on each track).

I thought the tracks might be slowing things down due to them each having their own waveform previews, so I was playing around with different things to try and speed it up - and one of the things I did was run the “Tracks > Resample” command and squish all my tracks down to 8000 Hz. Didn’t help speed anything up, but sure enough - all my songs sound lousy now. No big deal I thought, I just hit undo… Then I realized that the resample operation didn’t get added to the undo que - so I ran the operation again to get all my tracks back to 44100 Hz - and they still sound lousy.

Did I just loose hours of work, or am I missing something?

Thanks very much!


P.S. If I force quit Audacity now, should it reopen with the last saved version of my project (which was before I resampled everything)?

<<<If I force quit Audacity now,>>>

So you’re on a Mac? You don’t have to do that. Close Audacity and when it asks if you want to save anything, say no. If you crash the program, the Project Rescue Services will launch and that may very well step on your old project.



Restarting Audacity without saving did fix the problem.
I’m sure glad I didn’t save the file! I would have expected that there would be a warning dialog or something before allowing me to run an irreversible operation on all my audio.

Audacity is still incredibly slow though. I am running on a MacBook Pro with 2 gigs of ram, and it is soo slow that I can’t even play a single track (using the solo button) without the channels of music pausing occasionally and getting out of sync. I suppose I will have to divide my tracks into multiple Audacity files, but it would be nice if there was some functionality in Audacity that would prevent multiple tracks from slowing anything down at all when the program is running in solo mode.


<<<I’m sure glad I didn’t save the file!>>>

You should probably stop using those words. Audacity is not saving “a file.” An Audacity Project can be thousands of files, the lead one being the AUP file. That’s the one everybody thinks is their show. That’s just the conductor. The rest of the orchestra is sprayed over your machine.


I bet if you select your system drive and press Apple-I to get the info panel, you find that it’s filling up. No production hard drive should be over 90% full, more room is better.

The first time you get one individual, stand-alone sound file is when you Export. WAV is large, but clear and undamaged. MP3 is much smaller, but contributes damage to the music.