Is this the best way?

I have an M-audio 1010LT sound card. in our make shift basement studio we have a 16 channel snake where all are mike are plugged into. The other end of the snake of course plugs into a 24 channel mixing counsel. This is where my question comes in, I have made cords that plug into the punch in out on the mixing counsel and plugged the out side of that into the m-audio 1010. this method doesnt allow my to eq any of the inputs as the signal isnt routed through the eq on the board. I then have to eq everything with Audacity or at least everything that needs it. I guess I was wondering how everbody else does it?

I see the problem. The sound card isn’t up to the number of channels in the board. Does it, by the way, record all ten? Audacity will handle 16 tracks, but the software has to directly support as many channels as you have.

Without adding money, you can record just the stereo mixdown, or record the stereo mixdown and eight individual instrument tracks. Recording the mixdown, of course lets you use the eq and processing in the board. Buying a 16 track sound card will let you simulate a 16-track tape machine and mix whenever you want. E-Bay?

Also, there’s the thing that you may not be able to go back out of Audacity into the board. Somewhere there was something about Audacity insisting on rendering everything down to stereo. That’s worth a search.


so it is common to eq it on the way into the computer?

The Big Kids record the whole console “flat” into a 24 or more track recorder and then sit with the producer for weeks mixing from the recorder back through the board to another recorder. Depending on what you’re trying to do, you could end up with any mixdown between mono and 5.1 Doby or more. Even in stereo, you get to decide which side of the room the mandolins play.

If your equipment doesn’t support that, then you get to decide on which subset of production tools you want. I’ve seen (and done) live performances which were mixed down to stereo live and short some simple volume production later, that’s what went on the CD.


So Im not far off got the recording into the computer flat just need to be able to output back to the board for the final mix rather then trying to do it with audacity all though it does work just time consuming. Hey I appreciate the response. Thanks this sends me down the right road anyway.