Is This Something Audacity Can do?

Digital Multichannel Recording ???

I want to backup my 5.1 SACD collection as most of them are out of print - I’d like to remain all digital - I have a modified OPPO player with SPDIF outputs - the player will convert the DSD stream to 24/88.2 PCM and send the 6 streams out digitally…

I need a way to now record the 5.1 digitally - would prefer one single multichannel sound card but would purchase 3 stereo cards if necessary - provided software exists to simultaneously record from 3 stereo soundcards

I dont want to have to muck around trying to sync 3 stereo streams…

any other options such as a physical mixing board?


Audacity does not support simultaneous recording from multiple sound cards. It does support some multi-channel sound cards but it is rare that anyone ever tells us their success stories so we only hear about the problems. You may find a few examples if you search the forum, but there’s not many posts to go on.