Is this possible? Headphone out to smartphone in?

I’m trying to connect and record sound from a soundboard using the 6.35mm headphone jack into my android (moto G4) smartphone. If I plug a mic into my smartphone and record (using an app I purchased), it works, so I know I have the ability to record to my smartphone. Is there cable that will convert the sound coming from the headphone jack of the board to the mic of my smartphone?


PS. I know very little of any of this stuff, I run the board as a volunteer and was asked to record the service each sunday.

We’d be doing what you’re doing. Google your brains out.

There’s a special multi-ring connector that fits your cellphone and you need the adapter that splits out the headphone and microphone services separately. They may have one that works in one integrated cable.

Even if the mixer end is 6.35mm and the cable is the smaller connector, anybody can supply an adapter.

The only complex problem is the phone may insist on recording mono, not stereo and you have to do the changeover somewhere. Even record in “funny stereo” and convert in Audacity later.