Is this called a crashed file?

After help with occasional static in my recordings ( ) that problem went away and I’ve recorded maybe 10-15 LP’s with excellent results.

Today I experienced something that hastened my decision to buy a new computer (Dell laptop). I’m using WINDOWS 7 with Audacity 2.0.2. I’m getting what seems to be a crash. It happened on my old machine with XP, and it happened 3 times in a row with this Dell. I keep this machine pretty clean and uncluttered, no viruses for sure. I’ve included a brief sound clip here.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

When this happens, does Audacity or the computer crash?


It just goes into that mode. I actually cut it short, but I was trying to click around inside Audacity and nothing happened until I closed it.

One year old Dell laptop, WIN 7, version 2.0.2.

This used to happen on my older HP WIN XP machine. Because I was fed up with HP for many reasons I bought this new Dell.

After some issues (pretty much due to my inexperience) got sorted out with help from you folks, this program is working great. Strangely, it did this crash thing three times in a row yesterday.

In the past I asked if it’s possible that certain sounds/sources/music types could cause it. I asked because It did it everytime I tried to record this one certain record. I gave up and recorded a different record, no problem. Someone here said no, the music type has no bearing on this sort of thing happening. FWIW, I did get the disc recorded after the fourth try.

The only other USB device I’m using is a mouse. I generally don’t do too many things or open many projects when I’m capturing files.

I’ll be recording more vinyl and will report back if i experience it again. And as usual, any suggestions from the experts here are greatly appreciated.

I would read it that the USB stream has seized up.

If you are still on the default “Audio to buffer” of 100 ms in the Audacity Recording Preferences, try increasing it.


I’ll try it.

Thanks very much!

Did it help?