Is this a supported file type?

New to Audacity and this site, so please excuse if this is the wrong sub-forum. I have just downloaded the latest version of Audacity on a laptop running Windows 7. I am trying to record and export an audio file that is to be used as the auto-attendant greeting on a Panasonic voicemail system. The supported format that I need is;
IMA ADPCM, 8,000 khz, 4-bit, Mono
Should I be looking elsewhere, or is this something that I can accomplish with this program?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • Patrick

IMA ADPCM is an available option if you set the file format to "other uncompressed file types.
Set the sample rate by setting the “project rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window to 8000 before you export (Audacity always uses the “project rate” for the sample rate of the exported file.
If your audio is stereo, use “Tracks menu > Stereo track to mono” to convert it to mono before your export.