is this a proper forum to look for audio programmers?

Just wondering.

We’re looking to add a new person to our crew.

Out of all the boards on this is the most appropriate board, but overall, probably not. I’d personally prefer to see an offer to help the development of Audacity rather than a request to take developers away from Audacity.

If any of your current developers are interested in contributing to Audacity, please pass on this URL:

We’re looking to make Audacity part of our pipeline.

We are very interested in programmable effects, we wanna see if this works well with Google Translates audio functions.

Hence, a humble offer to your forum. ← details here.

If you want to use Audacity with Google translate, it can’t be done.


true. we’re thinking of getting audio from google translate in the raw, than processing those audio files through audacity + nyquist.

we wanna be able to generate AI voices, and have a programmer create the character AI’s tone.

If you want to create robot voices I’m sure there are lots of libraries you can find that do that.

As far as I know none of the Audacity developers have extensive experience in OpenAL which you say is mandatory in your job description.

And even if they had such experience, generally developers will only undertake paid work if there is a spin-off for Audacity. Of course, there might be a spin-off if you are talking about high quality voice changing including proper handling of formants.

Is this your site ? And your work depends on getting funding? Are you releasing all your code under GPL?


For the game engine itself, no. For anything that uses Audacity, especially for character voice creation, we’d love to share it.

We’re thinking of using Nyquist as a character creation feature. Kinda tired of the “robotic” voices out there, since most of them, to my knowledge, aren’t as programmable.

Our work depends on getting funding yes.

The usual assumption is that if you include GPL code the whole application has to become GPL, so then you need to find ways to install, present and offer to others the GPL code separately from your own proprietary code.


Yes that’s reasonable.

We do want to develop a character voice tool through Audacity, and the tool itself will be GPL. We are willing to discuss funding options for it, if we can find interested parties.