Is this a problem with Audacity or my recording equipment?

In all my recordings, there is a buzzing in the background that’s pretty noticeable with headphones on. It shows up on the recording feed and the playback feed and isnt a result of any noise in the room, as it was still there after changing rooms. Any help?

Mains hum and mosquito whine are electrical problems, not due to Audacity.

Post a sample. 10 seconds stereo or 20 seconds mono. Export as WAV (Microsoft). Scroll down from a forum window > Upload Attachment.

Mosquito Whine, also known as “Yeti Curse” is a USB connection problem. You’ll never guess which microphone has it the most. We designed a special filter to get rid of most of it most of the time, but the real solution is stop using that microphone and computer combination.

If that’s what it is. We’ll know when we hear it.