Is this a file?

I was at my dad’s house and used his MAC desktop (running Catina OS) and reshow player and Audacity (current version) to record an old cassette tape. The reshow and Audacity worked and I knew I’d be returning home to my Windows computer so I saved it twice, Once as an .MP3 and Once as a .WAV file.

Upon returning home, I get the attached file that has 1GB of data so I know there’s something there but I can only get it to import using “Raw Data” and then nothing plays back.

This is my first time using Audacity and I just want someone to look at the file and tell me if there is something recoverable.

Thank you
Amy & Beth 1972 (1.1 MB)

“Zeros”, lots of “0000000000000000000000000…”
Nothing else.

My guess is that Audacity did not close down properly after you saved the project the final time.
Alternatively, maybe the file was overwritten / deleted by an over-zealous security app.

Thank you!! I would have wasted a lot of time.