Is this a copyright issue?

I’ve created an Audacity track of music that I recorded from my old LPs plus two or three “free” downloaded songs. Yet when I export the track to a .wav file, the downloaded music doesn’t show up. By that I mean looking at the opened wav file they don’t appear.

Sorry…forgot this…

Windows 7 64bit
Audacity 2.03

No, it’s not a copyright/copy protection issue…

You may need to tell us a little more about what you are doing. I assume you can play the individual files? Does the size of the final “mixed” WAV file look about right (compared to the WAV files you made from LPs)?

FYI - Copyright is a legal issue, not a technical issue. Copy protection is both a technical and a legal issue. The older iTunes downloads were copy protected but I don’t know of any current copy-protected downloads. DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are copy protected (and covered by copyright), and in most countries it’s illegal to “crack” the copy protection, even for personal use.

LPs, CDs, AACs from iTunes, and MP3s from Amazon, etc., are NOT copy protected, but they ARE protected by copyright law. It’s generally OK to make personal copies, but generally illegal to make copies for your friends, or to distribute copies electronically.

Thanks for the legal info. On the technical side though a couple of pictures show the problem.

I have to believe it’s a DRM copyright protection issue and it’s clearly being executed during the File Export process.

I’m no pirate…all I’m trying to do is put together a soundtrack for a family slideshow to be distributed to three siblings for Christmas.

It is not a copyright/copy protection issue.

What format was the downloaded song?
What setting do you have set in “Edit > Preferences > Import / Export”?
Did you save the Audacity Project? If so, is there a warning or error if you re-open it?

Thanks for replying Steve.

To answer your questions all the songs are .wav…yes I saved the project file and no, there is no error or warning when I reopen it.

In addition all the songs play in the .aup file.

As to import/export preferences, how should they be set? After all, without setting any preferences, I’ve recorded dozens of LPs, edited them, exported, and burned them to CDs with no problems.Why should it be any different with a song that has been downloaded?

Perhaps you could just tell me how you would go about exporting the file? I’d really appreciate it so I can get this done before Christmas.

Thanks again.

Open the project.
Select the song that you are having problems with.
Press play and ensure that the entire song plays correctly.
“File menu > Export Selection” to export the selected song.

What happens? Does that work?

Steve, thanks again but I think I’ll give it up for awhile.

I did all you suggested. But, after exporting the selection and then importing the resultant wav file (which became track 2), I then clicked “mix and render” which put the selection right back in place on track 1 as expected.

I then saved the project and exported it. Once again it didn’t appear in the .wav file.

I’ll be sure to post this thread again if I should ever figure it out.

Thank you.

I can’t see your machine or what you are doing. I only know as much as you say.

and it all worked correctly?

and the imported file looked and sounded correct?

So it would seem that you are doing something wrong there, but unless you say precisely, (step by step) what you are doing, then we have no idea what / where you are going wrong.