Is there some plugin that can maximize constructive interference between tracks?

Here’s my question: I have several digitized versions from different analog copies of a same track.

I’ve aligned them the best I could in time using auxiliary information together with the recording, so that no difference greater than 5 ms should arise between them.

And I want to stack them to improve signal-to-noise ratio.

However, there will still be phase shifts induced by the imprecision of the time aligning, plus other things that might introduce phase shifts in the high frequencies.

As they’re nearly identical, these phase shifts can catastrophic for the mixing, cancelling the signal and leaving noise.

So I need to make sure that all the frequency components are in phase.

Is there any plugin that does that?

I know that I could make a software that works like an MP3 encoder, calculating the FFT for a same frame across the different tracks and then making the average, which would basically have the same effect (for singnal-to-noise ratio) of mixing them if they were all perfectly in phase.

But I thought that maybe some plugin could already do that.

Is there any?


Linux Mint Tricia, Audacity 2.2.1, distribution release.

Not that I’m aware of.