Is there any way to duplicate Macros for small changes?

I have a macro with around 10 lines. But i want other similar but changing some params and some lines.

Now i have to create from scratch the macro X times to get the variations i need.

There is add/remove/rename… will be great some duplicate button, so if you have a “Phaser Macro” and you set duplicate it creates another with same content with “Phaser Macro 2” name or similar.

So i can press duplicate 4-5 times and edit change only the things i need instead of create the macro and build again and again.

Or maybe there is antoher workaround i’m missing ¿?

This is something that the developer intends to improve. Managing Macros is rather clunky at the moment, but there is a workaround.

You will need a “plain text editor”. Don’t use Microsoft NotePad / WordPad / Word because they will mangle the text. I’d recommend NotePad++ which is a very good plain text editor, and is free and open source:

Macros are saved a plain text files, and can be found in the hidden folder:

You will notice that the “code” versions of the Macro commands are a bit different from the “display” names that appear in the Macro editor. All of the command names in the code are single words followed by a colon, followed by the command arguments. The reference documentation is in the manual here:

Thanks that works for me. I can clone the .txt files as macro1,2,3,4,5… and then on audacity do the changes for each one without do them from scratch, this will be a huge time saver for optimize and creating more macros.