Is there any API's for Noise Reduction


i have implemented a voice recognition application which takes a speech and output a text. i want to clear more of my input file. so i want to use a API for noise reduction.

so that API will input a degraded signal and output a cleared signal. is there any API for to do this job.

and is Audacity release a API for us to download and use it for our applications.

please help me

api = application programming interface
you need the application not a special interface

there are commercial aps that do what you want to do
they spent years programming them and millions of dollars
but they are a lot more affordable than trying to DIY

could you find a freeware/shareware ap that does that too?
maybe? would it be good enough? you would have to decide.

but if you have done your ap then you could use audacity or other DAWs with plug ins to perhaps improve any noise problems but this still takes user skill and decision making
anything automating this falls under AI research

that said maybe the programming gurus can tell you how to link nyquist plug ins with your program