Is there an Orphan Block file recovery option

we had our recently recorded podcast opened and accidentally moved it (instead of another) into a new folder. when this happened our data went missing. We tried to reopen and were given the error of 1444 orphan block files. This has to be our podcast episode. is there a way to recover this?

I went to the log for details and nothing appeared.

I also opened the temp files for audacity and nothing was there.

we are using 2.1.0 version and on a windows 10 system on an acer comp.

If you have any tips for recovery, please let us know ASAP! we are totally desperate and bummed.

You can stop worrying. The show is almost 100% likely toast.

It’s also almost 100% likely a simple move didn’t do it.

This is an Audacity Project.

The AUP file is the project manager. It’s a text file. When you double click it, it turns to the nearby_DATA folder and constructs your show from the snippet and fragments inside. Simple moves don’t create the kind of damage you have. If you split the locations of the AUP file and the _DATA folder by accident, the show won’t open and Audacity will complain it can’t find the _DATA folder.

Were you inside the _DATA folder? That’s a really bad idea. If you do anything to those snippets (other than play them), your show will go right into the mud.

It’s much more likely you closed Audacity or did some other system task before Audacity was done saving the little AU files.

It is recommended very strongly that you File > Export a perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file of a show or parts of a show before you start editing or advanced production. If the Project falls over (like this one) you don’t have to go all the way back to performing it again. Just open up the WAV files and cut it again.

Did you really put a pound sign (#) in the name of the show? That’s not the best idea. Upper case, lower case, numbers, underscore and -dash- are the only safe characters in filenames. In Windows, you should also stay away from the magic system names such as LPT and COM.


If a simple move did create all that damage, then you have a lot more serious computer problems than just leaving out a few files.

How full is the drive? Are you using Cloud drives? When was the last time you did a long virus check; the one that runs all night?


I’m just reading that again. 1444 block files at 6 seconds each comes out to 2.4 hours. That’s all the blocks in your whole show, right? Theory has it if you moved the _DATA folder, you should be able to move it back and everything should be OK.


If you did it while Audacity was alive and standing on them, That would not be good. Did you move just the_DATA folder, Just the AUP file, or both? In what order?

If you closed or restarted Audacity in the middle, that would have flushed the cache and temporary files.