Is there an esay way....

to create a space in mulitple tracks at the same time? I mean, If I have a song completed, and I want to add a 5 second pause in the middle, can I select all the tracks, highlight, cut and paste, instead of having to go thru each one?


As long as you want the inserted silence at the same place in each track, then yes you can.

In Audacity 1.3.4

SHIFT+CTRL+F = fit tracks vertically (so that you can see all the tracks - can also be done from the View Menu)
Click on the place in the top track where you want to insert the silence.
Hold down the SHIFT key and use the DOWN CURSOR Key to select the same position in each of the other tracks.
From the “Generate” menu, select “Silence”
Set the amount of silence to your required value (5 seconds)
Click on OK.

Great. Thanks!