Is there an effect or plugin that can automatically pan a track from left to right repeatedly?

Sorry for the long title, but basically what I want is to know if there is some effect or plugin that can automatically make a track pan from left to right repeatedly like this > If there is something that can do this, I have been looking for a long while now, thank you to anyone who can help me.

Assuming that your sound is in both channels of a stereo track,
apply this code using the Nyquist Prompt effect (

(setf hz 4)
(let ((left-mod (mult 0.5 (sum 1 (osc-pulse hz 0)))))
  (setf right-mod (sum 1 (mult -1 left-mod)))
  (mult *track* (vector left-mod right-mod)))

The first line sets the number of times per second to pan.