Is there a way...

I’ve been a loyal user of Audition 1.5 since it was released as well as a loyal user of Audacity since version 1. Currently I’m using 2.3.1. There is one feature that I would love to find a way to create in Audacity that would allow me to move on from Audition once and for all. To zoom into a file on Audition, all I have to do us use the mouse wheel. To do the same zoom in Audacity, I have to hold the control key, which makes zooming with the mouse a two-hand operation.

Is there a way to make Audacity zoom with the mouse wheel without having to hold the control key? Please say yes.

I haven’t found a way so far, but perhaps you could go into settings and change which controls will perform which functions. Personally, I’ve just adapted.

Control + Wheel on my machine zooms the whole desktop and screen, it’s not an Audacity setting.

Audacity has to juggle keys and settings that are significant to different machine types.


It’s the same on mine, except in Audacity.