Is there a way to use soundfonts in Audacity?

So, my Windows 10 Laptop isn’t much more of a rust bucket, but my dad won’t let me get anything better (plus I don’t have the money for anything good) so I downloaded Audacity hoping it would be an easy-to-run way to produce music. I’ve figured out how to import MIDI files and such, but other then that, I can’t seem to figure out if soundfonts can be used on this to make my MIDI files sound more, well, musical. Is there any way to do this? And if so, how?

Thank you!!

Audacity does not directly support soundfonts, and Audacity’s support for MIDI is very limited.
For working with MIDI, MuseScore is a much better option. You can of course do the MIDI work in one program, then export / render the MIDI to a WAV (audio) file and perform additional editing / processing / effects on the audio file using Audacity.

Another option is Reaper, which has an excellent “unlimited” demo version, but it is rather more complicated.

Alright, thanks! I have musescore and it’s what I’ve been using, but I’ve been wanting to expand a bit - thank you!!

In that case, have a look here: Real-time Interfacing of VST Instrument Libraries with MuseScore using a Digital Audio Workstation | MuseScore

Reaper may also be a good option if you like learning new things.