Is there a way to record phone convos through Audacity for interviews?

Has anyone been able to have a call and record it through Audacity as the conversation is happening? This is for interview purposes.

What was in your mind as you were writing that? An App? An Audacity plug-in?

I use a special microphone that plugs into my ear. Anything I hold up to my head gets recorded. Cellphone, land-line, flip-phone. Doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t work in conference mode. It’s designed to plug into an Olympus recorder, or with special adapters, into a computer.

They also make a TP8 which will plug directly into a computer Mic-In with no adapters.

The Mac on the right has no Mic-In, so that’s a Startech USB adapter.

Of course you will be warning the performers that you are recording them (for quality control and training purposes). Doing this is flat-out illegal in some places.


There’s another one. I believe Skype offers a service where they will record both sides of an interchange. You can download it and have your way with it.


There is a desperation method. Run your cellphone in conference mode, sit it in the middle of a table with a good thick pad under it and record the room with any microphone, such as the one in your laptop, and Audacity.

That’s not a completely dreadful way to go if you have a reasonably quiet room (and laptop). We did a cousin of that for a long time for meetings between conference rooms in various cities.

“Hello, Vancouver.”
“Hello, Hollywood.”

But that was for information and idea transfer, not theatrical performances.

If you have a multi-point podcast with regular performers, it is recommended that each end of each branch record their own voice. Ship each sound file to you for melding into one performance. The honky, bubbly Skype or phone call never appears in the performance.

This is not a Skype recording. It’s four people shipping files around.


Thank you so much for your input Koz! I will look into these methods.

If you mean a telephone call, then you can use one of the multiple call recorder apps on your smartphone. They’re somewhat sketchy, especially the free ones, but they tend to work fine.

If you can opt for VoIP instead of telephone, there are a few great services out there that allow you to record an interview easily and in great quality. I wrote a review here:

And do write back if you get something to work. Remember it’s a forum, users helping each other, not a help desk.