Is there a way to "lock" a clipping?

Hello everyone! I am having minor difficulties with Audacity and if anyone knows how they can help, I would appreciate it! So, I’m editing a guitar track for a song, and there are many parts. It’s a complicated song, I don’t have time to learn it all and be able to play it perfectly, and so I recorded it in sections. I’m trying to align the sections (in clippings) along with the drum track, varying clippings between two stereo tracks to avoid the cutting noise. I find it difficult to keep them on one track and fix the inescapable noise schism with the pencil because it’s hard to draw neat sine waves like the ones you find in nature! Anyway, so while I go through the song and align stuff, I move the clippings back and forth on the timeline. This seems to automatically move clippings that are earlier in the song because when I’m all done and finished, I go back to listen to the song and everything is unaligned again. Is there a way to “lock clippings” so that no matter how frequently or ferociously I move a clipping on a track, a clipping before it does not get moved? It might be useful for me to tell you that I also switch the order of the tracks when I go back and forth between the guitar tracks because I want to have the one that I’m currently working on be directly underneath the drum track for reference. Thank you!

The only way I know of to keep clips still is to put them on independent, top-to-bottom tracks.

I’ve ever done it, but it’s a very common practice called [u]comping[/u] (compiling).

Hint - Where you join the clips, you can either use a short crossfade (fade-out, and fade-in, and overlap for several milliseconds. Or, make your cuts at zero-crossings (not in the middle of a wave). These techniques should allow you to join the clips without “glitches”.

A few tips:

Be aware of the “Sync-Lock” mode: Audacity Manual
This can be useful for keeping multiple tracks synchronised, but it is also easy to get into a complete mess if you have it enabled by accident. I usually work with Sync-Lock OFF (disabled), which is the default setting.

If you want to delete a section without audio later in the track moving, use “Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Split Delete”

Don’t be afraid of working on multiple tracks at the same time. Audacity is designed to be able to handle lots of tracks. If you are new to multi-track recording, you may be tempted to move everything into one track. Resist the temptation. It is often easier to keep audio clips on separate tracks. The tracks will be mixed down automatically into one track when you export.

Another setting is relevant if you remove part of the audio from one of multiple clips in a track or insert audio between them. If you don’t want the clips to right of the edit to move, you should turn off “Editing a clip can move other clips” in Tracks Preferences . Or as Steve says, move clips to new tracks.