Is there a way to import a .aup file into a .aup file?

Mac 10.9.4 Audacity 2.0.5

(New user to Audacity)
I have created 6 projects, with one recording on each. I would like to combine them into one project, with the goal to create one cd with 6 tracks. I am not able to import .aup files into each other. Do I need to export as .wav or .mp3 files first? Or is there a way to go direct?

Most Audio CD Authoring Programs allow you to dump a hamper full of WAV files into them (maximum 99), arrange them as you wish (maximum total length 78 minutes), set the silent gap between them (default 2 seconds) and burn your brains out.

So I would open each Project and Export it as a WAV (Microsoft) filetype at 44100, 16-bit, Stereo. Do Not use MP3 anywhere. Dump them all into iTunes, create a playlist, arrange the songs within the playlist and then File > Burn Playlist to Disc.

Wait until the machine prompts you to put the blank in.

Most people are shattered when they find that Audio CDs don’t carry song titles, so copy or screen-grab the playlist and buy blank CDs with printable tops and a printer which will handle them. I would not print on sticky paper labels for your CDs. Those tend to go into a Mac, but only the disk comes out.

iTunes may be cross with you if you exceed 78 (or so) minutes of play time and you may have to create multiple disks to get everything on.

There are ways to create special purpose disks which do carry song titles, but those disks are an odd standard and may not play in your Buick.


I’m assuming your Mac has a superdrive, a CD Burner, or an external drive or burner. My MacBook Pro has an internal SuperDrive and I bought an external SuperDrive for my Mini, which came with no drives at all. Koz