Is there a way to go farther back in the undo thing?

I saved a project and exited out as I had other work I needed to do, and I was playing around with different effects on my vocals. Didn’t realize I had left the effect on the vocals (and I habitually save after every action I take due to crashes in programs, Audacity never crashes for me though LOL) and when I came back it wouldn’t let me undo that effect. Is there any way to undo it at this point? Or to find a previous save file? Or at least the original vocals? Thanks :slight_smile:

Audacity does not save the Undo history, so you can only go back as far as when you opened the project.

A good backup strategy is to periodically use “Save As” and give the project a new, unique name, so that after a lot of editing you have a series of files:


Another good backup strategy is to always export recordings straight away as WAV files - if something goes wrong, you will still have the raw recordings to fall back on.