*^is there a way to get mouse to scroll horizontally w/o...

Is there a way to get the mouse to scroll in audacity horizontally…without having to use “shift + scroll”?

Might be super simple…it would seem that because you pretty much only scroll horizontally it would be automatically enabled.

So I just want to find a way to use only the scroll button to scroll horizontally.

thanks so much

No. The Mouse bindings are not currently configurable.
The scroll wheel scrolls vertically, Shift + Mouse Wheel scrolls horizontally, Ctrl + Mouse Wheel zooms in/out.

I’ve added your vote for configurable mouse bindings. http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Feature_Requests#New.2FModified_Preferences

ok - thanks Steve…appreciate the note and vote.

Even if the mouse bindings were configurable, the current version of Widgets we use does not properly support horizontal mouse movements. We would need to update Widgets. Because of the changes in later Widgets, extensive coding changes in Audacity would be required.