Is there a way to export the history [SOLVED]

I’m using Audacity 2.1.0 on windows 7 for my job, part of which involves removing sections of audio from recordings of conversations. I then need to create a report to say which sections are being deleted.

Aside from manually noting down the sections, I was wondering whether there was a more convenient way of exporting the history (from the View>History) menu?

The current process is to use Silence Audio to remove sections of audio. And it can be somewhat helpful to use the Silence Finder tool, although this only marks the end of the silence from what I’ve seen.

Any ideas, or alternatives as to how this might be achieved?

Thanks in advance.

The current Audacity version is 2.1.2:

History won’t give you the detail you require unless you delete sections manually. There is no way to export history, but we can add your “vote” for that feature if you like (it’s anonymous).

Is it always silence or near silence that you are deleting? If so, Analyze > Sound Finder… labels the sounds, which is what you would be retaining. You could export that label track at File > Export Labels… and it would list the sound regions in a text file.

Steve when he sees this may be able to code a Nyquist snippet that labels the silent regions.


Here’s a plug-in that labels silences with region labels and puts the start and end time into the label text.
LabelSilence.ny (2.56 KB)

I think steve’s hit the nail on the head for about as good a solution I’m likely to find.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: