is there a way to avoid clipping?

hi is there a way to avoid getting clipping after recording?

It’s either avoid getting clipping by leaving headroom.
Or repair clipping after recording.
(The former is much better than the latter)

There’s no shortage of tools to make you loud and firm and change the performance to anything you want after you record lower volume and “clean.”

If you overload and clip, there’s better than even chance nobody will be able to rescue it and you will have wasted your time and created trash.

It’s not that hard depending on what you’re doing. We recommend live voice performances with occasional tips of blue waves up to about 50% or so. That’s every minute on average. If you never make it up that far, then you have the possibility of noise in the system louder than you are and that’s rough to recover from, too.

If you like watching the bouncing sound meters (I know I do) then shoot for occasional bumps up to -10dB to -6dB.

-6dB is the same as 50%.

When you record by yourself, you are the recording engineer.