Is there a way to add "end points" within a recording?

Is there a way on Audacity to make audio “end points” within a recording? For example, I recorded from internet radio for 30 minutes. When I put that audio on a thumb drive in my car stereo, I can’t hit the FF function on my car radio go to “the next song”, because the entire “song” is the entire 30 minutes of recording. So instead of Fast Forwarding to the next song, it simply starts over since the 30 minute recording is the only thing on the thumb drive.

I’m wondering if I can insert something within the recording at the end of every ACTUAL song on the entire 30 minute recording to denote a new song. That way when I hit FF on my car radio, that it will allow it to go to the next song.

Split the track into a number of separate files. If you want to play them in order, make a play list.
See here for how to split a long recording into separate tracks:
There’s some info here about play lists:

I have the same question. I cannot fast forward or skip to the next track or song using the Audacity Recorder on my car radio which I was able to do with another recorder. What do I have to do to fast forward using the Audacity Recorder? I have done what the previous post said to do but it still does allow me to fast forward a trackor song on my car radio.

What does that mean?