Is there a VST "mega pack" available for download?

I’ve been running Audacity on Ubuntu Studio and it came with loads of plugin effects by default.

I don’t have that machine anymore and I’m installing it for a friend on his Windows machine. Do I have to cruise the web for plugins and download them individually again? I can’t remember what they were called!

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I don’t know about VST… they are scattered all over the Net (both free and commercial). But, if you didn’t already download the LADSPA plug-ins, there is a “pak” of 90+ of them on [u]this page[/u].

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That should get him going. You’ve saved me a lot of trawling that I just don’t have time to do - thank you so much!


People who shovel bushel baskets of effects into Audacity usually regret it. One badly written plugin will turn Audacity and your show to trash. Then, while Audacity is lying there in a pool of blood, you get to figure out which one of the plugins did it.

There’s a time waster.



Thanks for the heads-up. I found it to be an incredible timesaver having commonly needed plugins configured in advance.

I can see how it could get messy. but if I find I have problems after putting in a bunch of plugins, I’ll just take them all out again and put them back in a few at a time until I narrow it down. But I do need lots of plugins because I’m an amateur, and I don’t know what I really need until I’ve tried a bunch of plugins to see what they do.

I’ll just take them all out again and put them back in a few at a time until I narrow it down.

You would think, but they get installed in the folder according to alphabetical priority along with the other effects making it something of a challenge to sort them.


Three of these didn’t come with Audacity. Koz
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Easiest solution: Install Audacity in a new user account - list the plugins - find your extras. It will take ten minutes.